Regrettably, we realize that sometimes the need for owners to surrender their dogs arises. Because we operate solely based on the generosity and availability of volunteer foster homes, and because of the high numbers of boxers in kill shelters throughout Oklahoma, we cannot honor ever owner surrender request we receive. However, we will do everything we can to help you keep your dog or to place him or her in a loving home.

If you are considering surrendering your pet, the first step is to make sure that you have exhausted all possible options. When you contact us we will need to know the reasons behind your decision to surrender your pet. If behavioral issues are the root of the problem, we may offer training suggestions or tips, or offer to put you in contact with a reputable dog trainer. Even for seemingly insurmountable behavioral issues, there may be training or modification that can help keep your family intact. If the animal’s health is a concern, we may be able to put you in touch with a vet that can help. We will offer all owners considering surrendering their dog to our rescue as many alternatives as possible in order to give every family a chance to hold onto their beloved companion.

If we have the space and resources available to accept your surrendered pet, we require that you fill out the owner surrender form, provide us with at least two quality pictures that clearly show your dog, and give us a detailed description of your dog. If your dog is not spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations, you may be required to transport it to one of our veterinarians for these procedures. Owners must also pay a surrender fee, which helps us to partially offset the costs of providing this vet work. If we do not have foster home space available but can commit the resources required to alter and vaccinate a surrendered dog, we may accept it into our rescue under the condition that the owner serve as the foster home until the dog is adopted. Please note that this will almost always be required of owners surrendering dogs to Red Dirt Boxer Rescue, as we frequently have a waiting list of dogs that need to be rescued from kill shelters.

Once a dog is accepted into the rescue it will be posted on our website as available for adoption. Red Dirt will handle all inquiries and applications about the dog, and will put the owner in contact with potential adopters as the need arises. We will work as hard and as quickly as possible to find your dog a home, but doing this does take time. Please do not wait until the last possible second to ask for help. Doing so could lead to your dog not being able to be placed with us.

Please consider donating your crate and no longer needed dog supplies. These are things our rescue desperately needs.


RDBR will not take any dog that is aggressive toward humans (nervousness around small children is not considered aggressive behavior, unless biting has occurred). We cannot in good conscience place a dog in a home where he or she could hurt someone. Please DO NOT hide your dog’s aggressive behavior from us. If you are worried your dog is going to hurt your child then please don’t send him into a home to hurt another child. Please be honest when discussing the reasons for surrender, as they may be things that others have experience in dealing with. If you have an aggressive dog, contact us and we can discuss some options you may have.

If you are considering surrendering your boxer please make sure you have exercised all options before contacting us.

If you would like to discuss your decision or options with a volunteer please e-mail We may be able to assist you with dealing with the problem at hand as opposed to giving up your boxer.